ARC-Carmen-and-Chia-Mix-Magic-1Carmen & Chica Mix Magic

As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, now she was goingto be eaten by a jaguar? Carmen looked around the trailer. Shortly after they had moved in, she had been drawn to its colorful images of saints, mermaids, and dragons painted on the sides, peeling and discolored from the elements. Rosa had straightened up some and fixed a spot to sleep on the couch in the front section.

“Mami, are you okay? You must be scared and lonely out here.” Rosa shook her head wearily. “I no help solamente I sit aqui la sitting duck loca, sabes?” She made a low, rumbling sound in her throat like a faulty electric razor.

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flamencohipsFlamenco Hips and Red Mud Feet

“Duality” is at the center of Flamenco Hips and Red Mud Feet, a striking collection of poems both intimate and grand. The poet, Dixie Salazar, has spent a lifetime forging her own identity out of two cultures: “On one side was my father’s world: Spanish speaking from las montanas. On the other side was my mother’s world: a deep Southern drawl wafting from the magnolia and chinaberry trees.” As her poems reveal, she is a product of both cultures but not completely at home in either one.

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bloodmysteriesBlood Mysteries

Editorial Reviews”Figurative language as hard-edged as it is lyrical.”
– William Pitt Root

“In these poems we find our way back where the home fires burn through memory and longing.”
– Virgil Suárez
Product Description

Through images brutally honest and disarmingly off-center, Salazar explores the hidden lives of everyday people, objects, and experiences - and their transformation in the hidden realms of the heart. Charting furious descents into the darkest crevices of our souls, Blood Mysteries is a forceful prayer for the disenfranchised that offers not merely hope, but transcendence.

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A lyrically nostalgic exploration of the lives of three generations of women and the secrets that both bind them together and tear them apart. Raised by a single mother, Cassie finds herself in the same situation. As she struggles to make a life for herself and her own daughter, she comes to realize how society’s idea of what a family should be has tainted her own relationships.

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cover_AltarForEscaped-x1000Alter for Escaped Voices

This is where poetry meets art. In DIXIE SALAZAR’s groupings of altar items, the unholy pairings are often comical and dreadfully sad. These altars are worth a visit, with our hands not in prayer but touching both cheeks in astonishment.”

—Gary Soto